In the Supernova Alexandriei shopping Center, there are several ways to solve immediate problems related to payments or other facilities

Supernova Alexandriei - the place where shopping becomes a joyful and worry-free experience!

We understand how stressful it can be to search for the right parking spot when you're full of excitement for your shopping spree. At Supernova Alexandriei, we've thought of everything, and we want to assure you that your parking spot will never be a source of concern.

So, forget about the hassle of parking spaces! It's time to focus on what truly matters - exploring our diverse range of stores and discovering the latest trends

Enjoy your shopping session and quickly solve current payment problems

In the Supernova Alexandriei shopping mall, you have several options to quickly solve problems related to payments, or other facilities. Before or after your shopping session, make a quick stop to pay your current invoices via the ATMs that you will find here.

In Supernova Alexandriei, you will discover not only a simple BCR cash machine, but an automatic teller for many types of transactions. If you possess an active George account, there will be no commission rates at the ATM, or while transferring Romanian currency to other banks in Romania.

If you receive money from the dear ones, there is a zero commission at the upturn through the MoneyGram service at BCR. The receiving time through Western Union, at any Banca Transilvania ATM, whether you will use RON or EUR as currency.

In Supernova Alexandriei there are various Euronet automatic teller machines, that also offer very good services to their customers. The Euronet ATMs accept a great number of card types (Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, VPay, as well as American Express or Union Pay), so you won’t have to worry about the lack of cash while you’re shopping.

If you want to quickly pay electricity, gas, or mobile phone invoices, any type of taxes, or video game pins, you can use the Startpay or Zebra Pay unassisted payment terminal in Supernova Alexandriei.

Do you want to send or need to receive a package? The DPD or Poşta Panduri automatic machines in Supernova Alexandriei are on hand

If case you need to send or receive a package, use the DPD or Poşta Panduri automatic machine in Supernova Alexandriei. It is the easiest way, fully automatic and at your ease, for this type of dispatching, especially due to the flexibility of the shipping program and the ease in payment, using a credit card.