The Fashion stores in Supernova Alexandriei expect you with garments that can highlight your personality

We know that the clothing items that you are wearing help you highlight your style and personality, therefore in Supernova Alexandriei you will find a large variety of fashion shops, that allow you to express yourself as you wish, at any time.

Whether you are looking for clothing items, footwear or accessories, there are several options to make the most of yourself using the right garments.

Moreover, the collections that you will find in the Supernova Alexandriei fashion stores are permanently updated, so that you can be dressed anytime according to the latest trends, and to experiment the boldest combinations.

Build yourself a stylish or a casual wardrobe, using the right clothing items

In the Supernova Alexandriei fashion stores, there are many options to choose apparels for a stylish look, whether you prefer a casual or a smart style.

Do you need comfortable T-shirts, jeans, skirts, or jackets? In the Takko Fashion store, there are various options to select your favorite articles from, because you’ll discover here cozy and versatile items, perfect for your daily look. Moreover, these are manufactured from friendly materials, so that they are suited also for children. The girls can opt for cool dresses, coveralls for a daily wear, or funny imprinted socks, while boys for cotton or viscose skirts or trousers. Neither of the babies are forgotten, since there is a large selection of jackets, sweaters, or body skirts available for them!

If you want to find affordable clothing items, look no further! In Sinsay store at Supernova Alexandriei, you can find a diverse range of clothing products for women, men, and children. From dresses, blouses, and pants to modern accessories, Sinsay has everything you need to complete your wardrobe.

Moreover, if you want to refresh your outfits without breaking the bank, Kik store at Supernova Alexandriei is the perfect place for you. Here you will find a wide variety of clothes and accessories, from blouses and pants to footwear and bags, all at very good prices. Furthermore, Kik cares about sustainability, offering ecological and recyclable products

Whether you're in search of an outfit for a special occasion or simply want to refresh your everyday wardrobe, Numero Uno at Supernova Alexandriei is the perfect destination for you. So, come and explore this wonderful store, where fashion and affordability come together to provide you with the shopping experience you deserve.

Let yourself be captivated by the enchantment of the jewelry at Hypnotica in Supernova Alexandria and discover the beauty and brilliance of the highest-quality gold and silver

From the Kenvelo shop in Supernova Alexandriei you can purchase Lee Cooper jeans, the iconic brand that allows the younger generation to experiment fashion as it desires, in its most various ways.

Child-friendly fashion items

In the Supernova Alexandriei fashion stores, there are also several options for garments made from comfortable materials. At the Bumbăcel store, you will find articles manufactured from 100% natural cotton, suited both for children, and for persons who confront themselves with allergies. You can also purchase different types of textiles for bath, kitchen and bathroom, so that you can make always careful choices for you and your home.

The Pepco store, a retailer present in more than 15 countries in Europe, awaits you with a wide selection of clothing items for adults and children, together with the appropriate home decorative items. Here, you will find dresses and swimming suits for girls and women, scarfs and colorful towels, comfortable bathing flip-flops, but also house decorations, practically everything you need for you and your dear ones. The collections are permanently adapted, so that you can always take advantage of the most diverse items, at the most affordable prices.

Visit the fashion stores in Supernova Alexandriei to find the clothing articles suited for you and your family, and for the practical decorative items that can embellish your home!