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Stop at Supernova Alexandriei for a delicious lunch, or enjoy a snack for an energy boost

Fancy a delicious lunch? Stop at Supernova Alexandriei

When you're shopping, and you want a meal break,  stop by to order your favorite food or drink in Supernova Alexandriei. You can recharge your batteries with a delicious lunch, and shopping sessions will thus become even more enjoyable.

If you want to start your morning with a flavorful and healthy coffee, The 5 to go café  in Supernova Alexandriei is the perfect place. Here you can enjoy a variety of freshly ground coffee drinks, prepared on the spot with superior quality ingredients. From espresso and cappuccino, to latte and flat white, all drinks are made with passion and expertise. Additionally, you can choose to add flavored syrups or plant-based milk to personalize your drink.

You will also find dishes with a unique taste, prepared according to old recipes, carefully preserved, at the Bunățăți Ardelenești store in Supernova Alexandriei. Here you can buy raw-dried sausages such as pork roulade, smoked tenderloin, country ham, bacon, kaiser, Apuseni cheese and old telemea. Stop here to enjoy such Transylvanian goodies with a unique taste.

How about a healthy snack?

At Fornetti, you will be delighted by the fresh puff pastry with chocolate, jam, nuts or vanilla cream, as well as other delicious assortments that will meet your current culinary preferences, when you are shopping, alone or with a loved one.


Do your home shopping at Carrefour in Supernova Alexandriei

Do not hesitate to enter in Carrefour hypermarket when you are shopping in Supernova Alexandriei. You can stock up here with everything you need for the home, from fresh or packaged food, to DIY items, clothes, books for the little ones and even some small appliances.

We want to offer you a complete shopping experience in Supernova Alexandriei so we’re waiting for you to shop from the most diverse stores, with the conviction that you will find here everything you need for you and your loved ones.