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Refresh your wardrobe with quality shoes and bags from Supernova Alexandriei!

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Complete your outfits with quality accessories

An outfit is never complete without the right shoes and a colour-matching bag. Fortunately, in Supernova Alexandriei we provide you with numerous stores where you can purchase the much-desired products. For example, at the Rubina Merchant store, you will always find quality bags, suitable for any style of clothing.

Use your creativity and express your personality through the accessories you wear! You can always complete a casual outfit with the help of a small shoulder bag. Its colour and model depend on the tastes of each client, but at Rubina Merchant the quality and durability of the products are always guaranteed!

At the same time, here you will also find roomy bags for the days when you have multiple tasks to perform, and need many personal items. For sportswear, we recommend leather backpacks, which can be found in various shades in the store.

The needs of the little ones have not been neglected in Supernova Alexandriei, where you will find a rich selection of school bags.

Purchase comfortable footwear from Supernova Alexandriei

In our shopping center, you can also find the Mei store, which is specialized in the sale of shoes for women, men, and children of all categories. Do you want to wear an elegant outfit to a special event soon? Come to Mei store in Supernova Alexandriei and you will surely find the perfect shoes or sandals.

Also, gentlemen can complement their office or smart-casual outfits with natural leather shoes or elegant and comfortable moccasins. In any season you visit us, at the Mei store you can enjoy promotional offers and a catalogue with hundreds of available products, suitable for any occasion.

Last but not least, here you can also purchase the fluffiest house slippers you can imagine, so that the health and comfort of your feet will always come first!

Embark on the journey of your dreams with quality trollers

In Supernova Alexandriei you can purchase trollers of different sizes from the Rubina Merchant shop. From roomy suitcases to easy-to-carry travel bags, you will find all these products made of high-quality materials in the store at affordable prices.

Protect your personal belongings while travelling, and secure your little one too! Opt for the trollers specially designed for children from the Rubina Merchant store, and you will enjoy the most beautiful experiences together!

We are waiting for you in Supernova Alexandriei with quality shoes and bags!